Dec. 08 2021

It can be overwhelming to think about all the steps involved in starting a trucking business. It is not the most exciting thing you will do when starting a trucking company. It will serve as the foundation for your business and allow you to move forward, set your goals, and grow.

Nov. 5 2021

Freight Benchmark Study

A benchmark study on freight payments was released by the Journal of Commerce (JOC). It examines the payment, invoicing, and other administrative practices of shippers.

The study “Driving Strategic Value Through Outsourcing” is based upon survey responses from 77 shippers in all major freight modes. Approximately three-quarters of the respondents were associated with companies with more than $1+ billion annually.

Oct. 23 2021

3 Things You Need To Know

  • Flat fee factoring refers to a company that factors invoices for a fixed fee.


  • The factoring company pays the invoice within 90 days. Flat fee factoring is a great option for many companies because the client agrees to a fixed fee or percentage (%) each time an invoice will be factored. This allows business owners to calculate how much expense factoring will cost. This gives them peace of mind and predictability in financing costs.